Erik Kessels – social network 24hr

by seangr1993

In November 2011, Erik Kessels unveiled a million printed photos that were all uploaded to Flickr, Facebook and Google over a 24 hour period. His purpose behind the work was to show how user on social media are bombarded by images all the time online.

“The idea was to present it as a sea of images that can you drown in,” Kessels told the BBC News website.

Visitors are being encouraged to walk over the mountain of photographs and pick them up, which Kessels said could leave visitors feeling strange as “you’re walking over personal memories”.

Kessels only downloaded and printed the photos that were free for people to look at on the internet.

“We consume images so fast nowadays, that I was wondering what it would look like if you physically printed off all the images that became available in a 24 hour period,” he said.

“When you’re downloading them and you have one million images on a server, that’s not impressive but when you print them out and put them all in one space, that’s when it really overwhelms you.”

The artist said he hopes the installation also shows people “how public your private photos have become”.

He added: “Before, you had your photo album and only your family and friends could look at. Now people all over the world can look at it if they find it.”